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We are official Intoxalock location for installation, removal, repairs and calibration of breath analyzer devices.

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We test and replace Radiators on all cars

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Services we provide:

Air conditioning -  Repairs & Recharge. Alignments - Wheel Balance. Antitheft Systems - Remote Systems. Charging Systems  - Alternators. Battery -  Belts - Wiring  - Towing. Brakes - Regular or Antilock Systems - Carburetors - Fuel Pumps - CV Boots. Clutch Jobs - Hydraulics.  Joints or Axles - Suspension Work. Electronic Engine Analyzing. Any kind of Electrical Repair Fuel  Injection Systems. Heating Systems - Hoses - Valves. Major Engine Repairs- Steering. Oil Changes - Power Door Locks - Ignition Systems. Power Windows - Tune  up. Radiators - Repair, Replace or Flush. Starters - Starting Systems. Tires  - UNIROYAL &  MICHELIN. Transmissions - Automatic or Manual. Water Pumps - Thermostats. Cooling System - Antifreeze. 

We accept extended warranty insurance.


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We repair Windows & Door Locks Replica Watches

All brands of Cars, Foreign & Domestic


10 Things You Need To Know About Car Maintenance.


Have you ever got stuck with a mechanical breakdown on the road where you had to wait a few hours for help, while a simple piece of duct tape might have helped you reach your destination? audemars piguet replica watches
One of the simplest things that drives me crazy is , why can't the car manufacturers include a simple emergency kit in every car they sell.

How to Change the oil in your car  
It can cost you
00 or $4165.00

It is really up to you


Expect 15% Ethanol in your gas and less miles per gallon.


From one surgeon to another

A mechanic was carefully removing a cylinder head from the motor of a Harley when a well-known cardiac surgeon came into his shop.

The surgeon waited politely for the mechanic to finish what he was doing before asking him to look at his own bike, when the mechanic lifts his head up and sees him, and calls him over:

"Hey, doc, look at this here engine. I open its heart, take valves out, fix 'em, put 'em back in, and when I finish, it works just like new. So how come I get such a small salary and you get the really big bucks, when you and I are doing basically the same work?"

The surgeon smiled: "Try doing it with the engine running."

How often should you change your engine oil?

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How old are your tires?

The manufacturing date is molded on the sidewall of your tire.

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Everything you want to know about the Tampa Bay Area, a paradise on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Car Vibrates - Shimmies

One of the most common and most bothersome problems on a car is vibration. The fix could be something relatively cheap and simple, like a tire rotation or balance.

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Do you know what the lights above mean when illuminated on your instrument cluster? It is the computer in your car telling you there is a malfunction in the system, so stop checking the fluids and saying everything is ok, it's just a light!

No, everything is not ok, get it  scanned, diagnosed and repaired.

We will scan and read

 the trouble code for you for




Tires wearing irregular? Tires should wear evenly across the entire surface of the tread. Any tire wear that deviates from the norm may indicate an issue.

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You are not saving any money by buying the cheapest gas available out there. Today's Fuel Injected cars need regular cleaning. Top Tier gasoline has the minimum requirements too keep you car healthy and peppy.


What do you know about the Antifreeze in your car?

The word Antifreeze in today's cars is so misleading. It is used as a rust inhibitor and lubricant more than as a temperature control agent.

It is a dangerous chemical, it can kill your pets and if you get burnt by hot antifreeze it can lead to chemical poisoning.


AC Delco Dexos1
Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Sometimes it's the little things that really make the difference. ACDelco dexos1, a synthetic blend oil, is that difference for your vehicle. Go stronger longer with this specifically designed and engineered oil for GM vehicles engineered to improve engine cleanliness, engine performance and fuel efficiency.   

Squeeze 'em in
Q: How many people can you fit in a Honda?
A: Well, the Bible said that all 12 disciples were in one Accord.
Regular servicing keeps your vehicle operating at peak efficiency, which maximizes fuel efficiency.

Synthetic oils have been available for almost 30 years and a number of inaccurate myths have developed during this time. Some areas of misunderstanding are clarified in this article, including manufacturer requirements for using synthetics, how to switch from conventional to synthetic oil and the effects of synthetics on an engine.     more