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What does the print on the sidewall of your tire tell you: replica watches


Size (p-metric)

The Metric tire size code consists of a string of letters and numbers, as follows:

An optional letter (or letters) indicating the intended use or vehicle class for the tire:-
P: Passenger Car
LT: Light Truck
ST: Special Trailer
T: Temporary (restricted usage for "Space-Saver" spare wheels)

3 digit number: The "nominal section width" of the tire in millimeters; the widest point from both outer edges (side wall to side wall).

/: Slash character for character separation.

2 or 3 digit number: The "aspect ratio" of the sidewall height as a percentage of the total width of the tire.

An optional letter indicating construction of the fabric carcass of the tire:
B: bias belt (where the sidewalls are the same material as the tread, leading to a rigid ride)
D: diagonal
R: radial
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1 or 2 digit number: Diameter in inches of the wheel that the tires are designed to fit.

2 or 3 digit number: Load index

1 or 2 digit/letter combo: Speed rating

Size (hi-floation)

Some light truck tires follow the Light Truck Numeric or Light Truck High Flotation systems, indicated by the letters LT at the end instead of the beginning of the sequence, as follows:

The tire diameter is given for High Flotation tires and omitted from Numeric tires.
2 digit number: The diameter of the tire in inches.

x: Separator character.

3 or 4 digit number: The section width (cross section) of the tire in inches.

Construction of the fabric of the tire:
B: bias belt
D: diagonal
R: radial

2 digit number: Diameter in inches of the wheel rim that this tire is designed to fit.

LT: Designates that this is a Light Truck tire.

Load index and speed rating are sometimes not mandatory for flotation sizes, but must be for any tire approved for street and highway use.

2 or 3 digit number: Load index.
1 or 2 digit/letter combination: Speed rating.

Load Range (plies)

The Load Range Letter on light truck tires indicates their ply rating.This letter indicates the load carrying capacity of the tire in terms of its construction. A "C" indicates the tire has a 6-ply load carrying capacity. The tire is not actually built with 6 plies, but contains one or two plies of equivalent strength. A "D" is an 8-ply rating, and an "E" is a 10-ply rating. If there is no letter, the tire has a standard 4-ply rating.